Chris Taylor art print series

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Chris Taylor to create a series of fine art prints for his work. Chris is probably best known as the vocalist of Pg. 99 and Pygmy Lush, but his art is instantly recognizable by fans of heavy music, he has created iconic album artwork for Pig Destroyer, Darkest Hour, Pg. 99, Planes Mistaken for Stars, and many others. We have kicked around this idea of creating art prints for his work for about five years, but it has finally come together for us to start our print series.

These are the first two prints in the series.  Both are S/N out of 50 and screen printed on pop tone black licorice French paper.  The first two in the series are now sold out but the second two prints will be coming very shortly.

"IFNI" 19" x 19"

"I Know Ya" 18" x 24"

2017 Update

Wow! We are we bad at keeping this site updated.  As always, the best way to stay up to date is to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We have had a good year this year.  We released a powerhouse split LP between Vatican, Iron Curtain, Sanction, and Funerals.  It's available now on oxblood color vinyl and black vinyl.

We also released a follow up 7" for Riot Stares (ex Discourse) called "Let the Phase Speak" on white, clear, and purple vinyl.  Now available from our store and from the band on tour.
You can also find this years cassette releases in our store including the final Down In It EP, mothmother - /'peze,mizem/ EP, Endless//Nameless EP, a demo from NC's Empty Ritual (ex Just Die and Old Flings), and a posthumous release of the final two Muscle and Bone songs (originally intended for a split 7" that never came out) on a lathe cut picture disc.

Riot Stares - S/T 7"

Riot Stares has members of Discourse and False Light.  Look for them on tour this Fall.  
Killer hardcore in the vein of Snapcase and early Refused.

Summer 2016 Update

Hey everyone.   We try to update this page every so often,  but the best ways to stay up to date with us is to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Since our last update, we released a 7" version of the No Restraint - The Branches of Suffering EP which is still available.  We also partnered with a couple other great labels to release the Great Reversals - Mere Mortals LP.  Great Reversals play killer 90s style hardcore in the vein of Trial and Harvest. It's available on purple, yellow, and black vinyl.

You can download and listen to the Great Rev album here:

and the vinyl here:

We also have some limited copies of Most Precious Bloods's Merciless on 180 gram black vinyl and green with black smoke vinyl.  MPB just played a stunning set at this years' This is Hardcore Fest.

We just announced that we will be releasing Riot Stares' debut EP on 7" vinyl this Fall.  Riot Stares feature members of Discourse and False Light and play hardcore reminiscent of Snapcase and early Refused.  This will be a split release with our good friends at Headfirst Records.    More info to come on this.

We add to our distro regularly, so take a look through our store to find records and tapes from many labels including Deathwish, Dead Tank, Headfirst, Self Aware, State of Mind, Cointoss, Trip Machine, and a bunch more.

Winter Update 2015

We had a busy Fall this year.  After the release of the Dead Mothers 7", we followed that with two cassette releases.  First we released the new Bishop record "Everything In Vein" on cassette with a bonus track and then we released a stellar demo from Paid In Full (from Wilmington, NC).  We still have a few of those available.

The big Fall release was the Down In It split with No Restraint.  We released cassettes from both bands previously and then they teamed up to deliver the split of 2015.  Both bands contribute 3 crushing songs each.  There is no filler.  This is a split that deserves your attention.  Both bands are going to rule 2016.  I can't wait to see what they do next.

We also released a posthumous lathe cut 7" of the last 2 songs from the Dead Mothers' Life Is Poison session.  It sold out very quickly.  It was sad to say goodbye to this band, as they had much potential. I'm looking forward to what the members go on to do next.

The last release of 2015 is Joseph Downs' Wild As The Road, which we released as a CD.  North Carolina singer-songwriter Joseph Downs reflects a long-standing southern tradition of songwriting that delivers heartache and emotion. In 2008, Downs self-released an EP “She Is My Home”, after touring to support the EP he periodically played shows. In 2014 Downs’ band THE SABBATHIAN released an EP on Svart Records and in 2015 his band ALTAR BLOOD self-released an EP. Downs’ latest solo effort “Wild as the Road” on Bitter Melody Records is a collection of 8 songs written between 2010 and 2015 reflecting life, love and the human condition. Downs’ live shows have been described as a bit of a “tissue factory” and those attending can expect to receive a healthy dose of heartfelt emotion.
Full stream is available here:

Look forward to more news in the beginning of 2016, we are working out our release schedule now.

Dead Mothers - Life is Poison EP

We are pretty pumped to be releasing Dead Mothers' first EP.  It is killer.  Lacquers are in the process of being cut now.

Founded in 2014, Asheville, North Carolina’s Dead Mothers have written a crushing debut EP due this summer on Bitter Melody Records.  Mixing their punk ethos, social awareness, and technical musicianship they have recorded 5 songs with Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC.  The result is a tight, monumentally heavy EP.  “Life is Poison” crosses genres of mathcore, grind, and sludge.  This album will fit right in your collection between your Gaza, Knut, Pig Destroyer, and Converge albums. 

Bitter Melody is proud to be releasing this on 7” vinyl this summer featuring artwork from Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man.

You can stream the first song ("White Squaw") off the EP at New Noise Magazine now:

Dead Mothers is:

Olive Ardizoni
Mike Royal
Jordan Vermillion
Ryan Moon

Spring Update 2015

We have several new releases out now and new ones planned.  Here's a rundown of new and upcoming projects.

We recently released two cassettes for two phenomenal hardcore bands.

Down In It from Wilmington and No Restraint from Jacksonville, FL.  We are planning a new project with the two of them now, but you can pick up their cassette EPs now.  You can stream and download both of these EPs from their bandcamps. and

NCHC veterans Gut Feeling return with their first new recording since 2012's S/T EP.

Gut Feeling features former members of Catharsis, Undying, Torch Runner, Nightbear, and others.
Like the previous EP, the 2015 S/T EP was engineered by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business (Greensboro, NC).

Six new tracks of fast hardcore punk, a little reminiscent of early 2000’s hardcore like Champion, Modern Life is War, Comeback Kid. This EP, like the previous one, will be released as a joint collaboration between Headfirst! & Bitter Melody Records. The packaging is absolutely stunning and features illustrations by Thomas Sara and screenprinted by Death By Ink printing. We have some really special stuff in the works for this 7". (If you saw the packaging for round one, you should know this will not disappoint!).

100 glow in the dark, 150 black, 250 coke bottle clear

New represses and a new 7" from Milky White

We now have two beautiful represses of Old Flings - Spite and Indecision - Unorthodox on some crazy new colors.

Old Flings on mustard green out of 100
Old Flings on cosmos out of 100 - sold out

Indecision on PMA (red, green, yellow) 100 -almost sold out
Indecision on green out of 150

The Milky White 7" is out now!

Milky White were Charleston, SC's best kept secret, until now. They have finished their first EP which we are proud to release on vinyl. This EP is available on green, pink, and black 7" vinyl.

There's also a bundle in the drop down menu for a 3 pack with all three colors (save $1.50). Each 7" comes with a download code for a high quality download of the EP.

The band describes themselves as "90s teen movie house party jams" but however you want to describe it, the undeniable fact is that it rules. We were sold once we heard the bass lines and Jules' vocals.

Juan Diniz at The 1st Five writes "Hailing from Charleston, SC, Milky White are a female-led quartet whose sound echo some of the more subdued pop-driven styles of 90′s shoegaze and even some post-Smashing Pumpkins quietness. Think of maybe Silversun Pickups with female vocals at the forefront and a fearless approach to let the guitars get as noisy as possible. But all the while maintain a dreamy and languid restraint. It’s definitely an example of indie pop as its finest.
Oh, and by the way, the band describes their sound as “90′s teen movie house party jams”. Well, I have to agree wholeheartedly with that and then some. Definitely evokes the finer and more heart-wrenching, warm fuzzies sounds and feels of 90′s alternative music. But it’s today, right here, right now."

100 pink, 100 green, 300 black

We also have a new tape from Richmond's Cross Eyed. 

The group comes from an impressive band pedigree featuring current and former members of Hold Tight!, Tight Hold, Friendly Fire, Springtime, Family Cat, Tiger Tail, Just Friends.

We are very excited to be helping release this EP. Comes with a link to find the download.

Cross Eyed write short, snotty pop punk songs with three different members doing vocals, bringing a different sound to each song. They bring a mix of their other bands and a touch of Ramones-core to craft a record that will fit nicely in the catalog of RVA punk.

Their debut 7 song debut is being released on 50 red and 50 white cassettes.

1. Lose Me
2. Stuck
3. Heads Up
4. Ruffner
5. Blonde
6. Shovel
7. Every Minute

New things.

It's been a little while since I have posted here. We have been busy.

We have a new 7" from Manalive (NJHC) with members of Ensign, Kill Your Idols, Nora, and a bunch more.  It's great 90s style HC. 

We have a  new split 7" from Old Flings / The Fake Boys.  Both bands are absolutely killer. Pick this up.

We did a vinyl version of Muscle & Bone's steller EP with a bonus song and redesigned artwork from the amazing Nate Powell.  He is a NY Times bestselling comic artist and it was a pleasure to get to work with him on a project.

Coming up next:

We have a repress of Old Fling's Spite in the works, a cassette version of Colour Me Wednesday's great record I Thought it was Morning, a split demo cassette for Fever./The Kids' Crusade (both have members of This Routine is Hell) and an LP of This Routine is Hell's Howl for the States.

Gut Feeling 7" is finished!!

This thing is finally done and ready for you guys.  It's absolutely stunning.  Over the top screenprinted and die cut packaging. 3 vinyl colors.  This is the most extravagant thing that I've helped release.

Gut Feeling is a North Carolina hardcore band consisting of various members around the region (ex-Catharsis, Undying, Torch Runner, Nightbear, etc). Musically these guys deviate from the previous more metal-laced endeavors and the only part that really carries over from the previous is top notch song-writing, structure and musicianship. Gut feeling does a great job bringing back anthemic hardcore in the vein of bands such as Champion, Comeback Kid, Modern Life is War, etc think fast polished hardcore punk with melodic guitar overtones, a tasteful spattering of gang vocals and sing along parts. recorded in late 2012 by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege and released digitally shortly thereafter.
brought to you on vinyl by Headfirst! and Bitter Melody Records ( to mark our 16th releases!
three colors of vinyl available all with two sided screenprinted die-cut covers, and interchangeable 8 headed two sided insert (also screenprinted!! 200 copies available from Headfirst! and 200 copies available from Bitter melody:
total pressing information:
Test Press:: #/19 (with color faded covers that matches up to vinyl colors)
baby blue: /100
gold with red haze: /150
Clear w/ light green splotches: /250 (these are almost just clear, didn't quite come out as good as we expected but do still have traces and pale green splotches but for the most part are just..clear!

art concept by; Chris Gannon design by; Chuck Johnson ( printed by: Josh @Deathbyink (

Test Press:: #/19 (with color faded covers that matches up to vinyl colors)
baby blue: /100
gold with red haze: /150
Clear w/ light green splotches: /250 (these are almost just clear, didn't quite come out as good as we expected but do still have traces and pale green splotches but for the most part are just..clear!

These can be order from me (bitter melody) here:  INDIVIDUAL  2 PACK  3 PACK

Order single colors or multi packs - your choice.

Or from our label family Headfirst! records here: