Introducing BMR03 Indecision - Unorthodox REMASTERED LP

All the stars have aligned to finally get this release going and I am unbelievably stoked to be the one to do it. It's taken about a year to come together but I will be releasing Indecision's Unorthodox remastered from the original DAT at the Wild Arctic in Brooklyn.

The show in Atlanta was a perfect kick off for getting this started. The remaster should be finished in a week or so and it will be heading straight to the plant.

Unorthodox was never actually mastered. It was recorded straight to tape and released so technically this will be the first mastered version.

Foundation record release show footage from Saturday:
I'm in the Pixies shirt.

I'm doing 750 copies on classy reverse board covers. The color breakdown isn't set in stone yet but I will be doing some on 180 gram.


Updates will be posted on my facebook and twitter first. Thank you to everyone all over the world who has bought any of my records - love you all.

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